For a little over 5 years, Desert Direct Electronics has dominated in its field surpassing the competition in quality, price, and service. Having prior dedications in the field, we learned and master our trade. Now, DDE has a total combination of over 100 years experience in it’s profession, and an arsenal of tools and equipment built to make our customers projects a dream come true.  What began as a small family business has now transcended into a respectable service appreciated by large and small companies across the US.

Mission Statement:

“Understanding your business, delivering quality goods and services, & continually improving” is the policy that DDE stands by, and the one that has stood by our success over the years. 
We are looking to build long term partnerships, not just faceless customers. It is important for us to understand who it is we are working with to better understand the products we are building. We vouch to offer the highest quality at the best prices available, but never compromise quality. 
Being there for our customers is top priority, and a quick turn around usually comes easy considering our over 100 years of combined experience.
We are ready to earn your business one project at a time, and prove our quality every time. We also offer engineering help and cost reducing suggestions 
if so desired. The point? We are here to help our clients accomplish their project needs every step of the way. Need A Quote? Click Here

Employee Training

At DDE, the most important message that we impart to our employees is that all of DDE’S products are highly important to our customers business. The company focus on quality begins at the date of hire. All current and new production personnel are partnered with a mentor/trainer, regardless of their previous experience or knowledge. All of our employees are cross trained and are always improving their skills. This includes updating and reviewing the correct use of tools, machines and other equipment here at DDE. We believe in continuous training of all of our managers as well as training that includes safety procedures, assembly techniques, interpersonal skills, management training and other subject matter.
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