Industries Served


Desert direct and it’s team have developed over 100 years experience in manufacturing industrial grade products for the aerospace field ,military, medical, computer, industrial, automotive, telecommunications and more.

Desert Direct Electronics is very proud to serve the following industries:


To serve the aerospace industry, a business must have an complete and utter understanding of it’s field. This is why our team has dedicated a combination of over 100 years to perfect our craft.


Like the aerospace industry, the military industry requires precision and high levels of quality. We proudly meet these requirements.


As the medical field grows and adapts to change, we are constantly keeping up. We do this to assure that we offer the best quality that will help the medical industry save lives.


We are proud to serve the computer industry in assisting its growth in technological advancement. Contact us for more info on how we can help.


Desert Direct Electronics proudly services the industrial field. We will help our clients build their projects and watch as their efficiency advances.


Allow us to assist with your automotive project needs. Our precision machinery is made to build your projects to excellence. Call to see how we can help.

Also, let’s not forget…

testequipmentTest Equipment Manufacturers 

Desert Direct Electronics is proud to serve the test equipment industry to help things run a little smoother. Contact us for more info on how we can serve your industry.


The telecommunications field is a unique field that requires special attention. We help the field acquire and engineer products fitting to their needs.

electronics-512Commercial Electronics

From the simplest electronic needs, to ones requiring a bit more complexity, Desert Direct Electronics is here to serve the commercial electronics industry.

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